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Mass Email Software for Government

Government Building

Since governments usually deal with large lists of email recipients, the need for a mass email software like Campaign Enterprise is extremely useful in getting out many types of material.  Government agencies many times also have strict requirements on security and privacy.  With Campaign Enterprise the government agency can connect to their own internal databases and do not have to send their lists out to a email sending service.  Campaign Enterprise has been used from local governments to nation-wide federal agencies in the United States and other countries. 

Here are some current uses of the software:

  • United States Department of the Treasury

  • California State Board of Equalization

  • United States Embassy in South Korea

  • United States Senate Federal Credit Union

  • Louisiana Board of Insurance

  • Sandia Laboratory

  • United States Army

  • United States Navy

  • Many schools and educational institutions run by the states

  • Federal Government of Mexico


We offer a 15% discount for all government institutions.

Click Here to read more information on Campaign Enterprise and Arial Software

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