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Mass Email Software for
Travel and Hospitality

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Travel and hospitality industries rely heavily on quick communications with their customer base. Travel deals are snatched up quickly and have a massive database of email addresses requiring a program that helps you deliver your messages and notifications efficiently with reliability. Travel itinerary notifications and updates are of utmost importance and are relied upon by every customer.

Campaign Enterprise mass email software for travel and hospitality industries is an essential element in your marketing efforts. This powerful program connects directly to your existing database list of customers, whether you use Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, or want to import your records to the program's built in database, Campaign Enterprise allows for complete integration. 

Campaign Enterprise helps you segment your mass email lists into relevant categories, so you can ensure you send the right message to the right customer every time. By tracking responses in the email, you can verify the effectiveness of your email message and tweak it as necessary.

Some of the travel and hospitality leaders currently using Campaign Enterprise for mass email include:

  • Starwood Vacation Ownership


  • Imperial of Waikiki

  • Lake of the Ozarks Convention & Visitor Bureau

  • Majestic Star Casino

  • Pacific Holidays Inc.

  • Silverleaf Resorts

  • TRI Hospitality Consulting

  • Wild Dog Estates South Africa

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