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Mass Email Software for Education

Violin Shop

It's hard to imagine what email would have to do with The Arts, but many different organizations including private, public, and non-profits rely on Campaign Enterprise to get the word out about various events and pieces of news. If you are a non-profit organization, you rely heavily on the support of your associates. To stay in touch with those people you can use Campaign Enterprise software, a highly scalable mass email software. With powerful database interaction, you can create highly personalized email messages to patrons or donors based on past responses and see where their true interests lie. The more information you gather about your audience, the better you can target your emails, and the more response you can receive.

There are three essential elements you need to get started with Campaign Enterprise as your mass email solution. You need to have IIS 7 or greater installed on the server where you want to load Campaign. IIS and Campaign interact to create web links to run and manage your program. You can also use sub domains to manage bounced emails and track email activity. A database of your email distribution list is also essential. Campaign Enterprise can communicate with virtually any OLEDB compliant database available, e.g. Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL or MS Access. Finally, you need an email server to send through. Campaign Enterprise can connect to any SMTP server, when provided with the proper permissions.

When using all the available features, Campaign Enterprise can help you improve your list on the fly. By managing bounced emails, unsubscribe requests, and tracking responses in your email communications, your email distribution list becomes more relevant than ever. Many Art related entities from all over the world have used Campaign for many years to manage their email distribution, including:

  • International Spy Museum

  • The Cleveland Museum of Art

  • The Grammys

  • Ben Uri Gallery

  • Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

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