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Mass Email Software for
Law and Investigation

Judge and Gavel

As with other service industries, lawyers and investigators provide services to those in need. Helping people to find their offices among all the countless competitors that are out there is key to successfully do their job. A great way to increase market share is by using mass email software for lawyers and investigators. Campaign Enterprise can help you manage your aggregated lists of email address contacts, and help you grow your lists using effective email marketing techniques.

Campaign Enterprise can help you separate your clients from your business associates and allow you to send fully customizable mass emails to either list. You can segment those lists further based on the specific information you store about your clients. With the advanced event tracking of the program, you can further enhance your list based on the reader's responses to your emails. For example, if a class action lawsuit is set, you can contact all your clients related to the lawsuit to let them know the next steps in joining.

There are three essential elements you need to get started with Campaign Enterprise as your mass email solution for lawyers and investigators. You need to have IIS 7 or greater installed on the server where you want to load Campaign. IIS and Campaign ineract to create web links to run and manage your program. You can also use sub domains to manage bounced emails and track email activity. A database of your email distribution list is also essential. Campaign Enterprise can communicate with virtually any odbc compliant database available, e.g. Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL or MS Access. Finally, you need an email server to send through. Campaign Enterprise can connect to any SMTP server, when provided with the proper permissions.

Some current customers in the legal field currently using Arial Software for their mass email solution, incude:

  • Class Action Administration

  • Coleman and Greig Solicitors

  • Continuing Education of the Bar

  • Dept Criminal Justice Training (Eastern Kentucky University)

  • State Bar of Arizona

  • The Florida Bar

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