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Mass Email Software for Insurance

Image by Nayeli Leal

Keeping in contact with clients is one of the most important aspects to insurance companies and brokers.  Without reliable communication and updating, clients will move on to other companies in search of better services. One of the best ways to keep the relationship with the client is through communication via email and that is where Campaign Enterprise can really help.  Here are some uses of our software in keeping in touch:

  • Newsletters describing changes to law

  • Advertising new products specific for the client

  • Heads-up notifications of a policy expiring

  • Special occasion notifications (birthday, anniversary, etc.)

  • Claims followup/tracking

  • Internal company training on new products

Here are some current uses of the software:

  • First American Home Buyers Protection

  • Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York, Inc


  • Mutual Of America

  • The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company

  • The Ohlson Group

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