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Mass Email Software for Telecommunications

Communication Tower

Some of our largest users of Campaign Enterprise are telecommunication companies.  With "communication" is in their title, these companies not only allow their customers to communicate with each other but they also communicate with their customers. Reliability and consistent service is of utmost importance. These companies have decided to use Campaign Enterprise because they have many people and departments, spread out over large areas, and they need a consistent, single point for communications and operations to occur.  These companies use Campaign Enterprise for both inter-company communications as well as communications with their customers. Keeping every part of each company up to date is crucial for employees and clients alike. For that reason, Campaign Enterprise is a perfect tool for dispersing updates and news quickly.

Here are some current uses of the software:

  • Telus Canada

  • Telstra of Australia

  • Research in Motion (RIM) Blackberry

  • Middle East Broadcasting Networks Inc.

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