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Mass Email Software for Transportation and Shipping

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A database list of email addresses with the ability to communicate efficiently is critical when providing transportation and shipping services to your customers. Confirmation emails, notifications, updates and email newsletters are a fundamental part of your business. Reliable dispersal of email is crucial for the company and client base. Campaign Enterprise mass email software for transportation and shipping companies can be a key element to your success. Regardless of the type of database you use, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, you can connect Campaign Enterprise to your existing database to personalize your messages. Using advanced queries, Campaign Enterprise can fire off email notifications based on your customer's activities.

Confirmation emails are a key element to the transportation and shipping industries. If you collect this data in your database, you can use it to send status updates on orders or upon customer request. Some of the companies using mass email software for transportation and shipping include the following.

  • Fed-Ex Custom Critical

  • Wabco

  • Blackhawk International

  • NECA


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