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Mass Email Software for Financial Institutes

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Securely transferring financial data online is of utmost importance to nearly every person, company, and institute in this day and age. That data is constantly under threat of hackers and thieves. Specifications for mass email software for financial institutions and banks require more protection than in most other industries. Rather than giving access to your data, or transferring databases over the internet, you should look for mass email software that allows you to keep everything locally, in-house. Campaign Enterprise is a program you download and install on your system so you can keep your data safe and secure and still send out impressive mass email marketing campaigns.

The newest version of Campaign Enteprise mass email software for finanical institutions is compatable with IIS and allows you to use all the IIS security you need to protect your data. Trackable links in the email can be served up by a secure server if you wish, and is completely separate from where your end users access the program. There is no chance of someone hacking a tracking link and getting into your database.

Campaign Enterprise can work with any relational database to create personalized mass email messages. Whether you prefer Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL or MS Access, campaign seamlessly communicates with your data, allowing for precise list segmentation and response tracking. By collecting more information about customer behavior, you can increase the effectiveness of your targeted email campaigns.

Some of the financial industries currently using Campaign Enterprise for mass email marketing include:

  • American Fidelity Insurance Company

  • Meadows Credit Union

  • Bangkok Bank

  • First American Home Buyers Protection

  • Pinnacle Benefits Group

  • The L. Warner Companies, Inc

  • Fineco

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