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Mass SMS Messages With Campaign Enterprise

Coming soon to Campaign Enterprise is the addition of sending mass SMS Messages. SMS message campaigns are setup the same way as email campaigns using your own databases in real-time or out built-in databases. Messages can be personalized with merge fields from your databases with names, numbers and other data. Campaign Enterprise will currently support sending out SMS messages via Twilio and Amazon SNS. Here are some of the features:

  1. Send SMS Messages using your own database contact lists without sending it out

  2. Messages can be personalized with merge fields from your database

  3. The unsubscribe (STOP) functionality is built into Campaign Enterprise. Just open a port for the SMS sending provider to report back the unsubscribes

  4. Messages returned by the recipient can be send back to you database, analyzed, and reported on

  5. Schedule SMS message campaigns to be sent out at a specific date and time

  6. Create an SMS message campaign that monitors a database on an interval and sends out SMS messages when triggered

Here are some of the uses of the Campaign Enterprise SMS message functionality:

  1. Two-Form authentication

  2. Critical reminders to customers/clients

  3. Mass alert systems for schools school campuses, large facilities

  4. Employe notifications of events or appointments

  5. Surveys

Sending SMS messages will be just like sending email messages so there is very little learn curve. The only requirement is having a SMS sending account with one of the currently supported providers. Test accounts can be setup with these providers that will just text one number. After the system in proven you applied with the SMS sending provider for a full account.

The SMS Message system will be available starting the 3rd quarter of 2024. If you would like to try the functionality early please email


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