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New Gmail Rule Starting February 2024 (RFC8058)

Updated: Feb 3

Starting in February 2024, Gmail will require adherence to RFC8058 for mail senders that send more than 5,000 emails per day through their system. This RFC specifies a new unsubscribe email header called "One-Click". The presence of this new email header tells Gmail that the unsubscribe form has dual-functionality of doing a GET or a POST:

  1. GET - For the unsubscribe links in your email the unsubscribe form should work has it always has where the user can choose to unsubscribe.

  2. POST - When someone clicks on the "unsubscribe from list" header that Gmail presents this tells Gmail to make a POST to the unsubscribe form that will bypass the confirmation.

The principle behind one-click actions is to reduce the number of steps users need to take to perform common tasks within their emails. Whether it's responding to an invitation, confirming attendance, or unsubscribing from newsletters, one-click actions aim to streamline these processes, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

In our research we have discovered a phenomena with Gmail where the "unsubscribe from list" is only shown for email senders with a good reputation with them. This makes it so spammers cannot create lists based on one-click unsubscribe requests. So, even if the "unsubscribe from list" does not show up with Gmail the important thing is that your emails conform to RFC8058.

Starting with Campaign Enterprise version 2023.12.23 this new functionality has been available. We would recommend you update your software if you are a large sender with lists of over 5,000 gmail addresses. Contact to request a link to download the latest version.


If you have any questions on this subject please email us at

Campaign Enterprise is a scaleable enterprise-level email distribution system that runs on your own in-house computers connecting directly to your database or CRM in real-time, and using your own mail server. Visit for more information.


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