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Multi-User Mass Email Software Using Your Own Windows Server & Database

What is Campaign Enterprise?
Campaign Enterprise is a scaleable enterprise-level email distribution system that runs on your own in-house computers. Connecting directly to your database or CRM in real-time, and using your own mail server, Campaign Enterprise can send out millions of emails per day and report on the results.
Why is Campaign Enterprise different? 
  • Campaign Enterprise runs on your own in-house systems.  This is critical if your contact lists cannot be shared.  Many of our clients are in the medical, educational, and government industries.
  • YOU control the content of your emails. Email Service providers have policies that limit the content of emails. 
  • If you don't have a database, you can use the built-in contact list system.
  • ​Campaign Enterprise sends emails to your own mail server (via API or SMTP) like Gmail, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Server, and PowerMTA. You can also utilize email sending services like Amazon SES or Mailgun.
  • US -Based technical support with off-hour appointments.
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